Studying English via Skype

Group English classes

Conversation group classes online is a free bonus for all our students and a great chance to improve your speaking skills, to learn a lot of new and useful words, and just to have a talk with interesting people. You can invite your friends to create your own group to attend speaking clubs or general English classes. You can also join existing groups of Speaking Group lessons online (pre-intermediate, Intermediate-Upper-intermediate levels). Enjoy speaking English with English-Up. Contact us for getting detailed information about group classes.

English courses online

  • Individual English classes online
  • Group English classes
  • Speaking clubs
  • English with a native speaker
  • Exams preparation
  • English for kids
  • Short-term courses

Express English course

If you want to learn some necessary vocabulary for your business trip or traveling, online express course is just what you need. You can have several classes to get all the information you need without unnecessary details. If you need to write your resume, to prepare for your job interview, we will help you with pleasure. Perhaps you don’t want to be an expert in English; you just want to be skilled enough to communicate in English in the most common situations. Spend one or two weeks on doing our short-term course and you will always have your own phrasebook from English-Up with you.

The course includes the following:

  • Продвинутая грамматика
  • Разговорная речь
  • Систематическое изучение новых слов
  • Аудирование
  • Практические ситуации
  • Составления диалогов
  • Письменная практика


All you need to study online is your computer and the Internet.
Studying has never been more accessible.

English through Skype can suit your individual and unique schedule You can study even if you are sick, if there is bad weather outside, or if you don’t want to go out

We ensure that you receive the best instruction possible

studying english online

with "english-up"

will give you a lot of positive emotions and
good results, because if you do something
with pleasure you will achive good results in everything.

Study English with us and be happy with your achievements!

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