Business colors

Business colors

Have you ever thought what colors of business are?

Actually there are some of them especially talking about different goods we buy.

We have such “colors of business” or different goods.

White goods – machines which are used in the kitchen \ utility room. White goods can also refer to household linen as towels and sheet. Heavy consumer durables such as air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, etc., which used to be painted only in white enamel finish. Despite their availability in varied colors now, they are still called white goods.

Brown goods – electrical equipment for home entertaining. Relatively light electronic consumer durables such as TVs, radios, digital media players, and computers. 

Red goods – fast selling convenience goods especially food products.

Orange goods – goods which are not bought as often as fast moving items such as food products, but are replaced from time to time.

In merchandising, consumer goods, such as clothing, that will last for a period of time but will be replaced, at a moderate rate, because of wear and tear, desire to change, or change in season, or at the discretion of the consumer. 

Yellow goods – high-priced goods which are kept in use for a relatively long time, and so are not replaced very often. In merchandising, nonconsumable household goods, such as refrigerators or ovens, that are expensive and are usually replaced only after many years of service. Generally, yellow goods have a high profit margin.

Some more examples:

A pair of trousers, a cap, a T-shirt - orange goods

A television set, a stereo, a DVD player – brown goods

A fridge, a washing machine, a dishwasher – white goods

A car, an air conditioning unit, a bathroom suit – yellow goods

A carton of milk, 250gr of cheese, a bottle of tomato ketchup – red goods

Hope this information was interesting for you especially for students of a business course. 

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