“Bless you”

“Bless you”

Как сказать "будь здоров" на английском?  Нужно ли это делать? Культурно ли это? 
Вот ответ на этот вопрос!

This is a cultural difference, but interesting and good to know if you have foreign friends or plan on traveling to America.

In America, when someone sneezes it’s very common to say, “bless you”, “God bless you”, or “gesundheit.”  It’s viewed as a polite thing to say after someone sneezes.  Even with a complete stranger; in a public place.  In fact, it can sometimes be viewed as rude if it is not said.

Why do we say it?  There a few differently beliefs.  But, many say that it’s believed the heart stops while sneezing.  Saying, “bless you” is a way to ensure the person comes back to life.


Будьте здоровы и учите английкий! :) 

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