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Easy as a pie - how to improve your speaking and fluency

Think of a story/idea you'd like to speak about in English and follow these steps:

  • Think of what exactly you'd like to say, especially considering which words you don't know in English.
  • Look up the words you need in English.
  • Write your story (start from short ones).
  • Now read your story out loud at a slow pace.
  • Keep on reading and increasing the pace. Repeat until you can read fluently and naturally.
  • Try to retell the story without looking at the text.

If you don't know the correct pronunciation, use applications or websites on which you can turn text into speech and hear native speakers voicing the text.

These activities have several main objectives:

  • Learning new words and expressions.
  • Practicing fluency.
  • Pronunciation practice. 
  • Training your memory.

Depending on what your main goal is, you can either just practice your fluency or learn new vocabulary. 

To memorize new words and expressions, you need to read and retell the story:

  • at first every day for several days
  •  then every other day
  •  then make larger intervals.
  • When you reach once a week, do it several times.   

    After that, you will guaranteedly remember both new words and the story as a whole. 

Start such practice with short stories. Use some just for speech speed, and some for learning new words. Regular practice won't make you wait for excellent results!

And if you need help from a teacher besides this, send a request on the website, and we will be happy to help!