Jimmy Fallon helps English learners

Obviously all of us at least once faced the problem of being totally lost while listening to native speakers or watching something in English because you can’t understand the words properly.

The more we practice our English, the better we speak and understand. The more English is in our everyday life, the more we get used to it and even thinking in English.

I will not make a list of things which could help all learners and teachers to get on well with English like watching English or American TVs or reading books in English; it goes without saying.  

I will make a list of several exact things which I have tried myself recently and found them to be good.

Videos in English

American entertaining shows are much shorter than films. It will be easier to rewatch it  if necessary. Only real everyday English could be heard there.

One of the shows I often watch is “Late night with Jimmy Fallon”. Sometimes it’s really stupid, but funny. 

Here are some links for some  episodes.




You can open the subtitles in Russian or English.  Really huge amount of interesting videos and ideas! Actually who cares what the ideas are. The main thing for us is English.

Personally I love “Friends”. 

 Recently I was recommended watching “My Fair Nanny” (Моя прекрасная няня)

 I liked it as well. Perhaps I would not watch this show just for pleasure, but for my English why not? That’s a good idea.  

 Listening in English

No doubts! It works well!

The more songs in English you listen to, the better you understand them. But you really should make yourself understand the songs. If you can’t hear all the words, you should definitely have a look at lyrics and then listen to the song again and again until you get the point and could say “I can get every single word of this song” and can easily sing the song or sing  along with no difficulties.

That’s why we renew the list of the songs for you every week in our “Media” stuff.

I will not give the exact names of songs and books, because it’s a matter of taste.

 Hope the information was helpful and you will try something from my list.

It’s not a big deal for you to spend little time watching an American TV show, right?  If you do it constantly you will really improve your English.


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