Which do you like?

Такая простая и знакомая фраза -“Which do you like”, но в ней есть небольшой подвох J Взгляд носителя языка на эту фразу:

Which do you like” is a very common phrase.  No matter the level of English learner, it’s one of the most common mistakes or awkward phrases I hear…the dreadful, “Which do you like”.

Why is it dreadful?

When you ask, “which do you like?” you put the person you’re asking in a weird place.  The person can only choose one!  

For example,”Which do you like, A or B?”

The person you ask must answer either A or B.  If the person chooses A, it means the person DOES NOT like B.  If the person chooses B, it means the person DOES NOT like A.  This puts the person in a very tough spot!!

“Which do you like, pizza or hamburgers?”   If I say “I like pizza”, it automatically means I do not like hamburgers.  If I say, “I like hamburgers” it means I don’t like pizza.  BUT!!!, I LIKE BOTH!!!

Phrasing the question, “which do you like” makes the person feel you will only accept ONE answer!  So there is a little pressure.

How do you relieve this pressure?  How do you phrase the question in the correct way so the person answering can answer with ease?  Add “better”.

For example, “Which do you like better, pizza or hamburgers?”  FIXED!!!  Many people like one of these types of food more than the other.  So, if I say, “pizza”, it simply means I like it MORE than hamburgers.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like hamburgers.

So, in conclusion, try to avoid simply asking “which do you like”.  Add “better” to it and you’ll probably get better reactions from native speakers!

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