“Are you OK?”

“Are you OK?”

Хорошо знакомая всем фраза "Are you OK?" 
А вы уверены, что употребляете ее правильно и в нужной ситуации?

In America, this is a phrase used to ask someone who might have been harmed mentally or physically.  It’s not a phrase used for requests or asking if someone understands a situation or question.

For example, if you invite your American friend to a movie and say, “Let’s go to a movie at 7.  Are you OK?”  Your friend might be surprised, “Huh, yea, I’m good.  Why?”  It’s because they think that you believe there is a problem.

Instead, try, “Let’s go to a movie at 7.  Does that sound OK?” or “Does that sound good?”

A correct way to use “are you OK”:  You see that your friend is very sad.  Maybe crying.  So, you will ask her, “Are you OK?  What’s the matter?”

Always feel Ok! 

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