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Who are

Welcome to our culinary-inspired English learning space, where each lesson and course is a masterpiece crafted just for you.

Imagine a place where the language learning is as delightful and engaging as your favorite dish, served up by our team of expert instructors. They're the chefs in this kitchen, blending top-notch knowledge and experience with the freshest teaching techniques, motivation mastery, and the latest materials. Designed with learners in mind, it's an experience that's as enriching as it is enjoyable.

In our “menu” everyone will find something to their taste.

We will create an individual recipe just for you!

Allow yourself to enjoy your English.


What can English
change in your life?

  • Do you want to easily make orders in foreign online stores?
  • Do you want to gain new career opportunities through knowledge of English?
  • Do you want to read and watch world news and popular foreign bloggers?
  • Do you want to move abroad?
  • Do you want to negotiate with clients and customers in English?
  • Do you want to understand what your favorite songs are about?
  • Do you want to watch movies in their original language?
  • Do you want communication abroad to become easy and comfortable?
  • Do you want to successfully pass interviews?

If you answered "YES" to at least one question - you definitely need to visit us!

Everyone's goals and wishes are different.

Our task is to make any goals and wishes a reality!

Why it's tastier with us

  • Our lessons is a real pleasure
    Our lessons is a real pleasure

    Positive vibes and friendly atmosphere

  • Testing and course selection
    Testing and course selection

    We assess your knowledge and determine the most relevant course before beginning your studies.

  • Conversational English
    Conversational English

    90% of the class is conversational practice.

  • Course customization
    Course customization

    We tailor the course to you, your attention, your perception, your personality type.

  • Balace of work in class and at home
    Balace of work in class and at home

    Maximally effective lesson structure and homework assignments

  • Quality control
    Quality control

    We monitor the quality of sessions and the speed of your progress

  • Continuous support
    Continuous support

    You have a personal learning assistant

  • Motivation and time management
    Motivation and time management

    Together, we set goals and deadlines, from small to big ones, and work towards achieving them together

price payment

Click the contact button to get detailed information about the course that caught your attention.

Our administrator will be happy to advise you on the cost, send a price list, and help with any questions you may have.

You can pay for classes using a bank card, regardless of the bank it's issued from.


What do they say about our delicacies

avatar-Andriy Taziyev

Andriy Taziyev

I'd like to express my deep appreciation for Instructor Irina's professionalism and dedication to her craft. Learning with her is...

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avatar-Anna Fedorchuk

Anna Fedorchuk

I want to thank your school for the excellent English course! I really liked how the lessons are conducted -...

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avatar-Natalia Shubnikova

Natalia Shubnikova

With great pleasure, I come to each lesson knowing it will always be interesting. We delve into captivating topics without...

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avatar-Marina Mazhula

Marina Mazhula

I came to "English Up" school thanks to a good friend, and I don't regret it. Two years of studying...

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avatar-Anna Aisanova

Anna Aisanova

I've been studying English at "English Up" school for the second year now. I really enjoy the teaching approach and...

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avatar-Tetyana Benkovska

Tetyana Benkovska

This English language school was recommended to me by an acquaintance. I've been studying with teacher Yuliya for the third...

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avatar-Leah Baram

Leah Baram

English Up is a fantastic school! Learning English here is enjoyable and fun! The teachers are incredibly friendly, and it's...

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avatar-Inna Duvinsky

Inna Duvinsky

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible impact our teacher Lyudmila has had on...

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avatar-Maria Voloshyuk

Maria Voloshyuk

I've been studying English with Valeriya for quite a while now. I must say, the lessons are both productive and...

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avatar-Luba Shissel

Luba Shissel

I'm writing to highly recommend English-Up school and Ludmila as an exceptional English teacher. She has been instructing my 8-year-old...

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tastiest information

Our dishes of the day or what to expect in our lessons.
Our dishes of the day or what to expect in our lessons.

Let's cut the preamble and dive right in. Every...

Tasting the language step by step
Tasting the language step by step

Hello! My name is Lera, and I am the...

Easy as a pie - how to improve your speaking and fluency
Easy as a pie - how to improve your speaking and fluency

Think of a story/idea you'd like to speak about...

The most frequent Question

How to start ?
To begin, submit an application on the website or contact us through any convenient means for you (phone, messengers, Skype, email). After receiving the application, we will get in touch with you to schedule an introductory meeting. During this meeting, we will assess your knowledge, discuss your goals and preferences, choose a course of study, and establish a schedule. You will learn basic information about our school and our teaching methods, and you can ask any questions you may have. At the end of the introductory meeting, we will assign you a teacher. Then you will receive study materials, make payment for the sessions – and here we go! It's time to start learning!
How to pay for classes?
Payment for classes is a standard online purchase process. You select the number of classes you wish to purchase, then receive an invoice for payment via email. We also provide you with a direct link to the payment page. You enter your credit card information, confirm the payment, and receive a receipt. The paid lessons are automatically credited to your account. We accept cards from any bank worldwide using various payment systems. During our initial meeting, you'll have the opportunity to choose the most convenient payment method for you.
Who will be my teacher
At the introductory lesson, each student has the opportunity to voice their preferred schedule. We try to match you with a teacher who will be available at the most convenient times for you. All of our teachers are versatile: capable of working with both beginners and advanced level students, as well as with young children and adults. However, considering differences in temperaments, during the introductory lesson, we not only assess your knowledge but also try to understand which teacher you will find it easiest to communicate with.
Can you study early in the morning or late in the evening?
We conduct lessons from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening from Monday to Friday. This is our official schedule. However, we are always ready to consider individual options, including late evening hours and weekends. Since each of our teachers has their own schedule, they can adjust their working hours to accommodate students. Some of our teachers live in different countries, so the possibility of considering the time difference sometimes helps to find the most convenient time for lessons.
Can I change my teacher?
If for any reason you haven't been able to establish contact with your teacher, please inform your methodologist about it. Choosing a teacher is an extremely important element in your education. Your teacher should be someone you feel 100% comfortable with and whom you can trust. We will discuss this situation and choose a new mentor for you.

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